The choicest among 1,361 brilliant short games collected by chess experts Chernev, Du Mont, Barden and Heidenfeld. Some of the games in this collection:

  • The Most Famous Game of All Time
  • One of the Finest Combinations Ever
  • The Most Beautiful Move Ever Made
  • One of the Greatest Strategic Miniatures
  • The Most Famous of All Miniature Games
  • Morphy’s Most Dazzling Move
  • The Immortal Game
  • Tarrasch’s Very Brilliant Miniature
  • A Masterpiece in Miniature
  • Alekhine’s Short Masterpiece
  • Capablanca’s Magnificent Combination
  • The Most Famous Queen Sacrifice Combination
  • Reshevsky’s Complex Combination at Age 8
  • Reti’s Super-brilliant Memorable Game
  • The Kohinoor in Marshall’s Brilliancies
  • Spassky’s Fantastic Conception
  • A Spectacular Contemporary Miniature

The complete list:

01 A 17th Century Miniature
02 A Legacy from Philidor’s Teacher
03 Theme of Many Short Games
04 The Immortal Game
05 One of the Most Subtle and Profound moves,
06 An Exciting King-side Attack
07 A Quiet Attack
08 The Most Famous Game of All Time
09 Morphy’s Most Dazzling Move
10 A Chernev Favorite
11 Lasker Endorses Short and Instructive Gem
12 One of the Earliest Immortal Games
13 One of the Finest Combinations Ever
14 An Unusually Beautiful Checkmate
15 Promoted Pawn Chooses to be a Knight
16 Tarrasch’s Very Brilliant Miniature
17 Sacrifices and a Smothered Mate
18 A Classic Miniature of Chess Literature
19 A Memorable Combination
20 A Quaint Thing
21 A Gem Among Miniatures
22 A Positional Triumph
23 Brilliant Sacrifices Remove King’s Guards
24 A Masterpiece in Miniature
25 The Most Famous of All Miniature Games
26 First Brilliancy Prize Munich 1911
27 Alekhine’s Short Masterpiece
28 Capablanca’s Magnificent Combination
29 The Kohinoor Among Marshall’s Brilliancies
30 The Most Beautiful Move Ever Made
31 A Classic Trap in the Opening
32 Sacrifice of the Bishop, Knight and Rook
33 Capablanca’s Burst of Fireworks in a Simul
34 A Brilliant Finish
35 Two Center Pawns are Given Away
36 An Unusual Finish
37 A Beautiful and Ingenious Combination
38 Interesting Sacrifice of Both Rooks
39 A Charming Game
40 The Most Famous Queen Sacrifice Combination
41 A Subtle Double Rook Sacrifice
42 8-year-old Reshevsky’s Complex Combination
43 Reti’s Super-brilliant Memorable Game
44 Euwe’s Brilliancy
45 Capablanca’s 13-move Loss
46 The Shortest Tournament Game of Masters
47 First Brilliancy Prize
48 An Ingenious Finish
49 A Positional Masterpiece
50 One of the Dozen Best Miniatures
51 Polikier’s Great Disappointment
52 Nimzovich Wizardry
53 An Exquisite Short Game
54 Invitation to a Swindle
55 A Most Brilliantly Conceived Combination
56 A Great Master is Smashed
57 A Brilliant Queen Sacrifice
58 Beauty and Mature Style from a Youth of 15
59 Another Marshall Brilliancy
60 A Gem of the Art of Chess
61 Nimzovich Pieces Pinned All Over the Place
62 Tarrasch Sacrifices Queen and Both Rooks
63 The Imprisoned Queen
64 An Exquisite Little Combination
65 One of the Greatest Strategic Miniatures Ever
66 Accurate, Inventive, Logical, Energetic Style
67 A Performance of Imperishable Brilliance
68 An Unusual Checkmate
69 Quick Decisive Action
70 Brilliancy Prize Athens 1935
71 A Brilliant Mate in Eight
72 A Bizarre Threat of Mate
73 An Impossible-looking Capture
74 A Brilliant Game by Women Players
75 A Bronstein Brilliancy
76 Brilliancy Prize 1941 NY Metropolitan League
77 Dancing and Prancing Knights
78 One of the Finest Postal Chess Games
79 A Reuben Fine Brilliancy
80 An Amusing Last Move
81 Denker’s Beautiful Combination
82 Unexpected End for a Postal Chess Game
83 A Superb Smooth Combination in 12 moves,
84 A Long-range Combination
85 Gem of Carlsbad 1948
86 A Master of Combination Falls Prey to One
87 A Postal Gem
88 The English Immortal
89 Resisting the Temptations of Material Gain
90 A Rossolimo Brilliant
91 Golombek’s Great Game
92 Win By Pushing Only Pawns, Nothing Else
93 An Artistic Mate
94 A Gem in the Barden-Heidenfeld Treasury
95 Razor-edge Maneuvering of Both Sides
96 Keres’ Sensational Brilliancy
97 The Most Discussed, Analysed Game of the ’50s
98 Spassky’s Fantastic Conception
99 First Brilliancy Prize
100 A Spectacular Contemporary Miniature