• 100 Mini Gems of Chess

    The choicest among 1,361 brilliant short games collected by chess experts Chernev, Du Mont, Barden and Heidenfeld. Some of the games in this collection: The Most Famous Game of All Time, One of the Finest Combinations Ever, The Most Beautiful Move Ever Made, One of the Greatest Strategic Miniatures, The Most ...

  • The Best 100 Games in 30 Years (1966-1995)

    The top 100 from 64,570 games in major international competitions around the world from 1966 to 1995. Published by Chess Informant, the games were chosen and rated by experts. Most of the games were played by world champions and leading masters of the period.    

  • Fischer’s 60 Memorable Games

    This collection has all the games in Bobby Fischer's book, My 60 Memorable Games. Included here is the Byrne-Fischer game during USA Championship 1963-64. In Fischer's book, the editor of the South African Chess Quarterly, K.F. Kirby, is quoted: "The Byrne game was quite fabulous, and I cannot call to ...

  • The Best Games from the Kasparov-Karpov Championship Matches

    The next best thing to being in Leningrad, Moscow, London, Seville, etc. for the matches. This collection includes the best games of Matches I-IV and all the games of Match V. Experience the suspense and excitement in the games of chess titans, 56 games in all.    

  • Modern Chess Openings

    The games in these opening variations are complete games. As such these are powerful tools for study and and analysis not only of openings but also of middle and end games. In each opening variation the games are arranged in three groups: White won, Black won, and drawn; moreover, a ...

Chess fans who have enjoyed the games illustrated move-by-move in Cesar L. Pineda’s books — 100 Mini Gems of Chess, The Best 100 Games in 30 Years (1966-1995), Fischer’s 60 Memorable Games, etc. — will love them even more: the games can now be replayed on a computer screen. What’s more, they can be replayed offline — yes, without internet connection, so they can be enjoyed anywhere on land, at sea or in the air. All that is needed is a browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera) in Windows or Mac on a desktop, laptop or mobile devices.

Note: It is important to use the browser on your device that displays well the chess diagrams on this website. Moreover, some web pages here are designed to be viewed as a whole page, and are best viewed on screens not smaller than the iPad’s. On smartphones, the chess diagrams are still visible but need to be enlarged to be readable.

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  • 10 Miniature games from du Mont’s collection

  • The Carlsen-Anand 2013 World Championship Games in India

  • The Kasparov-Deep Blue Rematch Games

  • The Byrne-Fischer “Game of the Century”

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